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Chai Spice

Cutting Chai

Cutting Chai

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All of the warmth from the spices and the richness from the assam tea packed into a small glass. 

Savor the authentic taste of India with our Cutting Chai, a time-honored blend that encapsulates the bustling streets and rich flavors of Mumbai. Revel in the invigorating charm of this delicious chai, crafted to transport you to the bustling chai stalls of India’s vibrant culture.

Ingredients: Black CTC (Assam) Tea, Cardamom, Ginger

Caffeine content: Medium

Recipe origin: Mumbai

Flavor profile: Delicious cardamom with spicy ginger

Recommended recipes: Hot tea with milk, Iced tea with milk, Affogato, Frappe

Use: 1tsp/235ml

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Customer Reviews

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Fred Yousif

Cutting Chai

Chai lover

Cutting chai is absolutely the favourite part of my morning. I discovered these delicious teas and their kind creator at an Inglewood Night Market and have bought many bags since. So grateful for them.